CSW: a preparatory reading list for all good activists

Make It Binding - WILPF's Campaign on the Arms Trade Treaty

Make It Binding – WILPF’s Campaign on the Arms Trade Treaty

In attending CSW, it is often difficult to work out what will be the most effective strategy from day to day. With literally tens of events on across the UN plaza and the buildings in its surrounds, delegates are faced with the space-time continuum, which so frustratingly prevents them from being in two (or more) places at once. Then there is the other issue: that of knowing precisely what you are setting out to achieve before applying yourself to thetask. Outcomes, then, rest upon what you set out to achieve, and what with this year’s theme being such a broad and encompassing one, participantss are faced with the dilemmas of working out what recommendations to pitch and who and how to pitch them. The following reading list answers  some of these questions, and provides a focus on convincing governments that it is time for a prevention approach to violence against women, andthst such an approach entails all-encompassing, long-term funded policy and legislative change. Evidence shows that this can achieve widespread social change, and the prevention of violence against women and girls.

For a reading list visit the CSW NGO network page here: http://www.ngocsw.org/csw57/csw-57-readings.